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How To Get Marshmallow Status Bar In Lower Android Versions?

Though Google has officially released Android V7. Nougat still the customization and themes of V6.0 Marshmallow is popular. Low end devices having Android Jellybean have not got Android upgrade officially. But what if you want to design your lower android versions like Jellybean to higher android version.

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marshmallow status bar

Note: This is just an idea to customize your phone and won’t upgrade your android version.

All you have to do is download an app called Material Status bar from Google PlayStore. And then
marshmallow status bar
open the app and customize your settings. Once you have finished it then click on toggle button at top corner which will pop up Accessibility option. Turn it on and lastly toggle the button and enjoy the Marshmallow Status Bar right in your Jellybean version. Moreover you can download the Marshmallow themes from internet and give more classy looks to your phone.

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marshmallow status bar 
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Creative Ideas For Pokemon Go

Pokémon go has been top game of all time. Pokémon go not only broke the record of gaming industry, it also changed the way of gaming life. Many people are cheating the Pokémon go too with legit ways. Hmm! Cheating with legit way!! How’s that possible? If you wonder then check it out below it will surprise you all. This may a great tip for you all to carry on your Pokémon go gaming career.

Using Bi-Cycle To Cover Distance:
What I am observing is that people are using bicycle to travel the distance to hatch the eggs. Seems quite interesting. People are keeping their phones in the wheels of bicycle and rolling the pedal to cover the distance. Have a look:


Using a Drone:
This might be a perfect idea to keep your Pokémon go career over going even while sitting in home. Using drone not only covers the distance to hatch the eggs but you can also enjoy the aerial views too.

Using Fans:

Humans have intelligent mind this has been proved. People stick their phone in fans and rotate them to travel the distance. Simply awesome!

Using Remote Control Cars:

Play your moments like never before! Grab a remote control car and tie your phone on it and use your car to cover the distance.

pokemon go

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Nepal Telecom's Dashain Tihar Offer

As usual Nepal Telecom introduces Dashain Tihar offers to their customers. The one and only state owned telecommunication provider, Nepal Telecom is going to provide short listed offers to their customers. We have categorized the offers according to the heading below:

nepal telecom

Data Offer: Nepal Telecom has introduced some discount on their data packs which will be effective from 15th to 29th Asoj and 12th to 21st Karthik. During the period you can purchase 100 MB data on Rs.50 and 250 MB on Rs.100. The validity of 100MB pack will be of 5 days and 250 MB pack will be 10 days respectively. If you purchased 100 MB you will get 10 min talk time and 10 SMS everyday for 5 days and if you choose 250 MB you will get 25 min talk time and 25 SMS everyday for 10 day.

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Night Data Offer: NT has also introduced special discounts for their customers on night data packages. Night data packs are available after 10pm till 6am. You can purchase 500 MB data only for Rs.40 and 1200 MB only for Rs.85. 500 MB data package will be valid for 7 days and 1200 MB data will be 15 days. This service can be used till 3 month after 15th Asoj.

nepal telecom dashain tihar offer

Voice Call: GSM and CDMA users will get 10% discount on pre-existing rates for every call voice call on any network. The offer will be valid from 22nd to 29th Asoj and 14th to 21st Karthik.

SMS Offer: GSM and CDMA users will get 50% discount for all SMS from 22nd to 29th Asoj and 14th to 21st Karthik.

Landline Call: PSTN and CDMA C-Phone users will get 100 free calls for Asoj and 100 free for Karthik which means you will get 200 free calls all total.

ADSL/ WiMAX/FTTH Offers: Both volumes based unlimited plan users will get special offer for upcoming Dashain Tihar festival. If you data pack finish in between 22nd to 28th Asoj, then it will be extended up to 29th Asoj. Similarly if your data pack finish in between 14th to 20th Karthik, then it will extended up to 21st Karthik.

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MPoS System Offer: If you recharge your phone from MPoS pin less system then you will get 10% talk time bonus. However you must recharge more than Rs.100 to get the offer.
(*All the rates mentioned above are exclusive of TAX.)

Best wishes for upcoming Dashain Tihar and Chaath from our side.

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How To Create Unlimited Instagram ID's From One Email?

When it comes to online marketing and advertising Instagram has been one of the best marketing and advertising platform for internet marketers and business entrepreneurs. Beside Facebook, Instagram has been top marketplace for all the online traders. The fellow world has been digitalized rapidly in great pace which definitely force every trade and marketing agencies to promote their products in online market. Most of traders uses bots for auto comment, follow, like etc to promote their business. Some of the Instagram bots which I blindly rely is Instagress and Boostgram.

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marketing Let’s come into the point of making numerous Instagram id from just one email. I have been using
this trick from a year ago and I thought this might be helpful for all my peers to promote their content online. We often make one ID from each Gmail ID. But have you ever noticed that small twist can enable you to create unlimited Instagram ID from same email. All you have to do is add “+…..”(…. Represent any alphanumeric characters). Let me clarify the idea with a example:

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 Let’s consider my email id is r33mm3@gmail.com . I can create one Instagram Id from this email by default. Now I want to make another Instagram Id from same email. What I have to do input r33mm3+abcd@gmail.com (*You can add any characters after “+”). Don’t panic you will receive the verification email on same inbox of email. Even if I entered r33mm3+abcd@gmail.com while creating new Instagram Id I will get verification mail on inbox of r33mm3@gmail.com.

 This idea can be used for Twitter also. Lastly, I would like to request please don’t spam this method. And stay tuned I will be back with phone number by pass idea soon.

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9 Tips For Clashers

Clash of clans is one of the best mobile game that I have ever played. Clash of Clans is strategic game developed by Supercell. The game is not only of fun but also strategy. I have listed few tips for you all that might be handy for all the clash of clans players. So without any delay let’s start our tips from here:

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 1) Always use cheap troops for loot. Example Giant attack might be best rather than Gowipe attack.
 2) Use Spells until you need them.
3) Make your base max before you upgrade town hall.
 4) Always start matchmaking early.
 5) Use Next feature frequently.

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 6) Try to put your Clan Castle in centre of base and town hall apart from it.
 7) Upgrade heavy troops which you use mostly first.
 8) Use your shield wisely.
 9) Lastly, don’t use Gems haphazardly.

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